A consulting project focused on helping educational institutions better prepare for the next generation of students through a series of workshops.

My final project of my three year education in Enterprising Leadership. It was conducted in collaboration with KAOSPILOT and The College of Event management in Sydney, Australia. 


Process design and facilitation for a social lab inspired project carried out in Copenhagen. The project was in collaboration with Sydhavns Genbrugcenter and focused on circular economy. The project consisted of 30 people creating prototypes for how to make waste into value and was held by a group of nine Kaospilots.

Marketing campaign for KAOSPILOT

Video production and coordination of a marketing campaign for the application period of Kaospilot’s 3 year enterprising leadership program starting in 2020

Placement at The Climate Reality Project

The four months with Climate Reality, Australia included training preperations for a climate reality training in Brisbane and running a Student Climate Impact Competition at the University of Melbourne in collaboration with Alex Rushan.

Communication work included development of a webpage, a communication strategy, social media and outreach for the training. In my final month I developed an ideation toolkit for Climate Reality Leaders.

Alkimia Learning/ Kaospilot,  masterclass

Promotional materials, social media strategy, communications and support for the Kaospilot Masterclass and Future Ready Now workshop in collaboration with Ramon Marmolejos. Both events explored innovation within education design.

Kaospilot x AllWomen co-creation of an AI immersive course for women

Project management, Process design and communications. Created in collaboration with Anne-Sophie, Mette, Sascha and Ammar

Marketing for the 2018 Kaospilot End of Year event,
‘Look What We Found’

Concept design, marketing material, a promotional video and general outreach for the event.

A 28-page zine celebrating @scandinaviandreamgurl’s feminist activism.

Designed and photographed Amalie Have.
The zine was self-published by Amalie and I.

Client research for LØS market, a package-free supermarket

Looking into a younger client base for the supermarket. Researching, testing and prototyping a potential solution to engage young people living in communes in Copenhagen.

-The result was an online shopping experience of key household items.

-Living zero waste myself, documenting and spreading awareness around waste with a workshop, podcast, social and news media.

a free  fridge open 24/7 for donating and collecting food. 

A collaboration with Skraldecaféen to fight food waste and food poverty in Aarhus.

The assignment was to help Skraldecaféen find use for their leftover dumpster dive finds. Emily, Malthe, Karolina, Leela and I collaborated in coming up with a solution which in the end was celebrated with a fridgewarming opening event.

Waste Watching,
focusing on waste and tourism in Iceland. 

The project was part of a groupwork assignment in my first year of graphic design.
The result was a beach clean-up in Viðey targeted towards tourists in Iceland.
Poster by Kjartan Hreinsson.